Yeonmi Park Husband: The Truth About Her Divorce and Son

Yeonmi Park is a famous North Korean defector, author, and activist, who has shared her harrowing story of escaping from the oppressive regime and finding freedom in the world.

She has also become a voice for American conservatism, and has published two books, In Order to Live and While Time Remains.

But what about her personal life? Who is Yeonmi Park’s husband, and is she still married? Does she have a child?

In this article, we will reveal the truth about her divorce and son, and how they have affected her life and career.

Who is Yeonmi Park husband, and is she still married?
Who is Yeonmi Park husband, and is she still married?

Yeonmi Park Marriage and Divorce

Yeonmi Park wedded Ezekiel, an American man who had previously served as a pastor and shared her conservative activism.

They encountered each other in 2016 while Yeonmi was studying at Columbia University, and they tied the knot on January 4, 2017.

They had a son, James, in 2018, and lived in Chicago.

However, their marriage did not last long, and they divorced in 2020.

Yeonmi confirmed her marital status in one of her YouTube videos, where she said that she was not married anymore.

She did not reveal the reason for their divorce, but some sources suggest that they had different views on religion, politics, and parenting.

She also said that she was not ready for marriage, and that she had a lot of trauma and issues to deal with.

Yeonmi Park’s Son and Custody

Yeonmi Park’s son, James, is now three years old, and lives with his mother in New York.

She has said that her son is the most precious thing in her life, and that he gives her hope and joy.

She has also said that she wants to raise him as a free and independent person, and that she does not want to impose any ideology or religion on him.

Yeonmi has also said that she has a good relationship with her ex-husband, and that they share the custody of their son.

She has said that they respect each other, and that they want to co-parent their son in a healthy and loving way.

She has also said that she is grateful for her ex-husband, and that he was a good father and a good friend.

Yeonmi Park’s Career and Future Plans

Yeonmi Park has not let her divorce and son affect her career and future plans.

She has continued to be a vocal and influential activist, author, and speaker, and has gained a lot of followers and supporters.

She has also faced a lot of criticism and controversy, especially from the North Korean government and some journalists and scholars, who have questioned the authenticity and accuracy of her claims and stories.

Yeonmi has said that she is not afraid of the backlash, and that she will continue to speak the truth and fight for freedom and human rights.

She has also said that she has a lot of projects and goals in mind, such as writing more books, making documentaries, and creating a foundation to help other North Korean defectors.

She has also said that she hopes to visit North Korea someday, and to reunite with her family and friends.



How old is Yeonmi Park?

Yeonmi Park was born on October 4, 1993, in Hyesan, North Korea. As of 2023, she is 30 years old. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

How tall is Yeonmi Park?

Yeonmi Park’s height is 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm) and she weighs around 52 kg (114 lbs). She has black hair and brown eyes. Her body measurements are 30-24-31 inches and her shoe size is 5.5 (US).

Who is Yeonmi Park’s mother?

Yeonmi Park’s mother is Byeon Keum Sook, a former nurse for the North Korean Army. She escaped from North Korea with Yeonmi in 2007, and suffered a lot of abuse and exploitation at the hands of human traffickers in China. Byeon eventually reunited with her other daughter, Eun-mi, in South Korea, and later moved to the United States with Yeonmi. She has co-authored some books with Yeonmi, such as Dream Big and Did I Tell You I Love You Today?

Does Yeonmi Park have an Instagram account?

Yes, Yeonmi Park has an Instagram account under the name @yeonmi_park. She has over 340k followers and posts pictures and videos of her life, work, and opinions. She also uses Instagram Reels to share short clips on various topics.


Yeonmi Park is a remarkable and inspiring woman, who has overcome a lot of challenges and hardships in her life.

She has also achieved a lot of success and recognition in her career and activism.

However, she has also faced a lot of difficulties and changes in her personal life, such as her divorce and son.

She has handled them with grace and courage, and has not let them stop her from pursuing her dreams and passions.

She is a role model and a leader, who has a lot to offer to the world.

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