katy perry husband: Katy Perry’s Love Life

Katy Perry, the pop superstar known for her electrifying stage presence and captivating melodies, has also made headlines for her captivating personal life.

Her romantic journey has been filled with love, laughter, and the occasional heartbreak, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

This article delves into the details of Katy Perry’s relationship history, addressing the questions that have piqued the curiosity of her devoted admirers.

Katy Perry has been married once in her life, and is now engaged to marry again. But who is Katy Perry husband?
Katy Perry has been married once in her life, and is now engaged to marry again. But who is Katy Perry husband?

Who is Katy Perry Husband Now?

Katy Perry’s husband now is Orlando Bloom, a famous actor who starred in The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean.

They are currently engaged and have a daughter named Daisy Dove Bloom, who was born in 2020.

They met at the Golden Globe Awards in 2016, and got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2019.

The two have not revealed their wedding date yet, but they have said that they are not in a hurry to tie the knot.

Are Katy Perry and Russell Brand Still Married?

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are not still married.

They divorced in 2012, after 14 months of marriage.

The two had a lavish Hindu wedding in India in 2010, but their relationship soon turned sour.

They faced rumors of infidelity, drug abuse, and pregnancy.

The two also had different schedules, lifestyles, and personalities.

Katy was a pop star who wanted a family, while Russell was a former addict who wanted a quiet life.

They grew apart and lost trust in each other and barely saw each other, and Russell texted Katy to end their marriage.

They did not have a prenup, but Russell did not take any money from Katy and both moved on and dated other people.

The two are not friends, and they regret and resent their marriage.

They blame each other for its failure.

They admit that they were too young and impulsive to get married, and that they did not know each other well enough.

How Many Times Did Katy Perry Get Married?

Katy Perry has been married only once, to Russell Brand, from 2010 to 2012.

She is currently engaged to Orlando Bloom, and plans to get married to him in the future.

She has not revealed how many times she wants to get married, but she has said that she believes in love and commitment, and that she hopes to find her happily ever after.

Who Does Katy Perry Have a Child With?

Katy Perry has a child with Orlando Bloom, her fiancé and current partner.

They have a daughter named Daisy Dove Bloom, who was born on August 26, 20201. She is their first child together, and Orlando’s second child.

He has a son named Flynn with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, who was born in 2011.

Katy and Orlando announced their pregnancy in March 2020, through the music video of Katy’s song “Never Worn White”.

They shared the news of their baby’s birth through UNICEF, as they are both goodwill ambassadors for the organization.

Who Were Katy Perry Boyfriends?

Katy Perry has had several boyfriends in her life, some of them famous and some of them not. Here is a list of some of her most notable boyfriends, in chronological order:

  • Matt Thiessen: He was the lead singer and guitarist of the Christian rock band Relient K. They dated from 2003 to 2005, and wrote songs about each other. They broke up due to their busy careers and personal issues.
  • Johnny Lewis: He was an actor who appeared in Sons of Anarchy and The O.C. They dated from 2005 to 2006, but their relationship was troubled by his drug addiction and mental health problems. He later murdered his landlord and committed suicide in 2012. Katy was devastated by the news, and said that she noticed his narcissistic behavior, but was unable to help him.
  • Travie McCoy: He was the lead singer of the hip hop band Gym Class Heroes. They met in 2007, and dated on and off until 2009. They had a passionate and playful relationship, but it was also affected by his drug addiction and her rising fame. They broke up via email, and wrote songs about their breakup.
  • Russell Brand: Katy Perry and Russell Brand divorced in 2012. They married in India in 2010, but had many problems. They were different and distant. Russell dumped Katy by text. He did not take her money. They dated others. They are not friends. They regret and resent their marriage. They blame each other. They admit they were too young and impulsive.
  • Mayer: He was a singer and songwriter who had dated other celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift. They met in 2012, and had an on-and-off relationship until 2014. They had a lot of chemistry and shared a love for music, but they also had a lot of drama and insecurity. They wrote songs about each other, such as “Who You Love” and “Still Feel Like Your Man”. They split up because of their different expectations and goals.
  • Diplo: He was a DJ and producer who had worked with artists like Beyoncé and Justin Bieber. They dated briefly in 2014, after meeting at the Coachella Music Festival. They had a casual and fun relationship, but it did not last long. They remained friends, and even joked about their fling on social media.
  • Orlando Bloom: Orlando Bloom is an actor, activist, and UNICEF ambassador. He has a son with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. He met Katy Perry in 2016, and they got engaged in 2019. They have a daughter named Daisy Dove Bloom, born in 2020. They are still engaged and happy, but not in a hurry to marry. They love each other and their daughter.

Who Divorced Katy Before Her Show?

Katy Perry’s marriage to Russell Brand ended in divorce in 2012, just 14 months after they said “I do.”

Their separation came as a surprise to many, and the reasons for their split remain somewhat private.


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