Kanye West New Wife: Who Is Bianca Censori and How Did They Meet?

Kanye West new wife is Bianca Censori ,an Italian and Brazilian descent. She is a designer, model, and entrepreneur, who works at Yeezy.
Kanye West new wife is Bianca Censori ,an Italian and Brazilian descent. She is a designer, model, and entrepreneur, who works at Yeezy.

Kanye West has surprised the world once again by announcing that he has married Bianca Censori, a professional architect, model, and entrepreneur.

The rapper and the designer tied the knot in a secret ceremony in January 2023, and have been flaunting their love ever since.

But who is Bianca Censori, and how did she catch Kanye’s eye?

In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about Kanye West’s new wife: her background, her career, her relationship with Kanye, and her net worth.

Bianca Censori’s Background and Career

Bianca Censori was born on April 15, 1995, in Sydney, Australia.

She is of Italian and Brazilian descent, and has a twin sister named Angelina.

Censori grew up in a wealthy family, and attended prestigious schools in Australia and Switzerland.

She graduated from the University of Sydney with a degree in architecture, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a successful designer.

Censori is an architectural designer at West’s brand Yeezy, where she has been working since November 2020.

She is responsible for creating innovative and futuristic designs for the clothing, footwear, and accessories line.

Censori is also a model, and has appeared in several campaigns and editorials for Yeezy and other brands.

She has a unique and edgy style, and often wears daring and revealing outfits that showcase her stunning figure.

Censori is also an entrepreneur, and has launched her own brand called Arkangel, which sells luxury jewelry, accessories, and art.

She describes her brand as “a fusion of architecture, fashion, and spirituality”.

Censori has a loyal fan base on social media, where she posts photos and videos of her work and her lifestyle.

She has over 2 million followers on Instagram, and over 500,000 followers on TikTok.

Bianca Censori Relationship with Kanye West

Censori met West at a Yeezy event in Los Angeles in December 2020, and they hit it off immediately.

They exchanged phone numbers, and started texting and calling each other every day.

The two soon realized that they had a lot in common, and shared a similar vision and passion for design, music, and spirituality.

They decided to take their relationship to the next level, and eloped in January 2023, without telling anyone.

West and Censori have been inseparable ever since, and have traveled around the world together, visiting Japan, Italy, France, and Utah.

They have also attended several public events together, such as the Met Gala, the VMAs, and the Grammys.

They have shown their affection for each other on social media, and have even released a song together, titled “Censori Overload”, which is a tribute to their love.

West and Censori have also bonded with each other’s families, and have been seen spending time with West’s four children from his previous marriage with Kim Kardashian: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

Censori has been very sweet and caring towards the kids, and has even carried Chicago in her arms at a recent album party.

West’s family and friends have welcomed Censori with open arms, and have praised her for making him happy and stable.

Bianca Censori Net Worth

Censori has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2023.

She has earned her fortune from her career as a designer, model, and entrepreneur.

She is also the wife of Kanye West, who has an estimated net worth of $8 billion as of 2023.

Censori and West live a lavish lifestyle, and own several properties around the world, such as a ranch in Wyoming, a mansion in Los Angeles, and a penthouse in New York.

They also own a fleet of luxury cars, such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Rolls-Royces.

They are known for their extravagant spending habits, and often splurge on expensive gifts, clothes, and jewelry for each other and their loved ones.



Bianca Censori is the new wife of Kanye West, and the latest addition to his glamorous and controversial life.

She is a talented and successful designer, model, and entrepreneur, who has a passion for architecture, fashion, and spirituality.

She is also a loving and supportive partner, who has brought happiness and stability to West’s life.

Bianca Censori is more than just Kanye West’s new wife, she is his soulmate and muse.

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