Wendy Williams Husband: The Rise and Fall of a Celebrity Marriage

Wendy Williams husband cheated and abused her for years. Learn how they met, married, divorced, and moved on in this article.
Wendy Williams husband cheated and abused her for years. Learn how they met, married, divorced, and moved on in this article.

Wendy Williams is a famous talk show host who has been in the spotlight for decades.

She is known for her outspoken and controversial opinions, as well as her personal and professional drama.

One of the most turbulent aspects of her life is her marriage for over 20 years.

Their relationship was plagued by scandals, infidelity, and abuse, until they finally divorced in 2020.

In this article, we will explore the rise and fall of Wendy Williams husband and their celebrity marriage.

How Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Met and Married

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter met in 1994, when she was a radio DJ and he was a party promoter. They had an instant attraction and started dating.

They got married in 1996 and welcomed their son, Kevin Jr., in 2000.

Hunter became Williams’ manager and production partner, helping her launch her TV career with the Wendy Williams Show in 2008.

They seemed to have a successful and happy marriage, despite the rumors of Hunter’s affairs and Williams’ struggles with addiction and health issues.

How Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Faced Scandals and Problems

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter faced many scandals and problems throughout their marriage.

One of the biggest challenges was Hunter’s infidelity.

He was accused of cheating on Williams multiple times, with different women.

The most notorious affair was with Sharina Hudson, a massage therapist who gave birth to Hunter’s daughter in 2019.

Williams found out about the affair and the baby while she was living in a sober house, recovering from her addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs.

She was devastated and humiliated by Hunter’s betrayal.

Another challenge was Hunter’s abusive behavior.

He was alleged to have physically and emotionally abused Williams, as well as sexually harassed and assaulted some of her employees.

Hunter was also reported to have controlled and manipulated Williams, isolating her from her friends and family, and taking advantage of her money and fame.

He was sued by several former employees and business partners for his misconduct and fraud.

How Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Divorced and Moved On

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter divorced in 2020, after 22 years of marriage.

Williams filed for divorce in April 2019, shortly after Hunter’s daughter with Hudson was born.

The divorce was finalized in January 2020, with Williams keeping their New Jersey mansion, their production company, and their joint bank account.

Hunter received an undisclosed amount of money, a severance payment, and a car.

They also agreed to split the proceeds from the sale of their Florida home and to share the custody of their son.

Williams and Hunter have moved on with their lives since their divorce.

Williams has focused on her TV show, her podcast, and her dating life.

She has been linked to several men, such as Mike Esterman, a contractor, and Henry, a NYPD officer.

Williams has also opened up about her divorce and her feelings for Hunter, saying that she still loves him, but she does not like him.

She has also said that she is happy and free, and that she has no regrets.

Hunter has also moved on with his life, staying with Hudson and their daughter.

He has been working on his own projects, such as a documentary and a podcast.

Hunter has also expressed his love and respect for Williams, saying that he is sorry for his actions, and that he wishes her well.

He has also said that he is proud of her achievements, and that he hopes they can be friends in the future.



Wendy Williams husband, Kevin Hunter, was her partner and manager for over 20 years.

Their marriage was marked by scandals, infidelity, and abuse, until they divorced in 2020.

They have both moved on with their lives, and have different views on their relationship.

They have also learned from their experience, and have become stronger and wiser people.

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