Natalie Nunn Husband: The Truth About Their Marriage, Cheating Scandal, and Daughter

Natalie Nunn is a famous reality TV star who rose to fame for her appearance on the fourth season of Bad Girls Club in 2009.

She has since starred in several other reality shows, such as Love Games, Celebrity Big Brother, and Baddies.

But what about her personal life? Who is Natalie Nunn husband, and how did they meet? What happened when she was accused of cheating on him with another celebrity? And how is their daughter doing?

In this article, we will reveal everything you need to know about Natalie Nunn husband, their marriage, their cheating scandal, and their daughter.

An infographics on Natalie Nunn Husband
An infographics on Natalie Nunn Husband

Who is Natalie Nunn Husband?

Natalie Nunn husband is Jacob Payne, a former football player and entrepreneur.

He played for the Arizona Rattlers in the Arena Football League, and also appeared on some reality shows with his wife, such as Marriage Boot Camp and Baddies.

He is also the founder of a clothing line called Wow Wear, and an OnlyFans content creator.

How Did Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne Meet?

Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne met at a club in Detroit in September 2011, when Natalie was making an appearance there.

She was instantly attracted to him, and he flew to Los Angeles to visit her shortly after.

They started dating in October 2011, and got engaged in April 2012, while vacationing in Jamaica.

They got married in a secret ceremony in May 2012, in Topanga Canyon, California.

Their wedding was later aired on the reality show Bridezillas, where Natalie showed her demanding and diva-like behavior.

What Was the Cheating Scandal That Rocked Their Marriage?

In December 2019, Natalie Nunn was accused of cheating on Jacob Payne with two other celebrities, Dan Osborne and Chloe Ayling, after a night out in London.

The scandal broke out when Chloe, a former Celebrity Big Brother housemate, claimed that she had a threesome with Natalie and Dan, who is married to Jacqueline Jossa, another reality star.

Chloe said that they had sex in a hotel room after a boozy night at a club, and that Natalie was the one who initiated it.

Natalie denied the allegations, and said that she was faithful to her husband.

She also said that Chloe was lying and trying to get attention.

However, Jacob was not convinced, and he reportedly dumped Natalie and moved out of their home.

He also unfollowed her on social media, and deleted all their pictures together.

How Did Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne Reconcile?

After the cheating scandal, Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne went through a rough patch, and even considered getting a divorce.

However, they decided to give their marriage another chance, and worked on rebuilding their trust and love.

They went to therapy, and also renewed their vows in a romantic ceremony in February 2020, in Trinidad and Tobago.

They also celebrated their eighth anniversary in May 2020, and posted sweet messages for each other on Instagram.

Who is Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne Daughter?

Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne have one daughter, Journey Ruth Payne, who was born on April 26, 2017.

She is their miracle baby, as Natalie had suffered a miscarriage in 2015, and had a difficult pregnancy with Journey.

She had to be on bed rest for six months, and had a high-risk delivery.

However, she and her daughter made it through, and now they are inseparable.

Journey is a cute and smart girl, who loves to dance, sing, and play with her parents.

She also has her own Instagram account, where she has over 100,000 followers.



What is Natalie Nunn’s net worth?

Natalie Nunn her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2023.

Who is Natalie Nunn’s brother?

Natalie Nunn has one sibling, a brother named Ronald Nunn.

He grew up with Natalie in Pleasanton, California, where their mother worked two jobs to support them.

Ronald prefers to keep a low profile and is not involved in the entertainment industry.

What happened to Natalie Nunn’s chin?

Natalie Nunn is known for her distinctive chin, which has been the subject of jokes and memes on social media.

In 2023, she responded to Nicki Minaj’s rap about her chin on Lil Uzi Vert’s song “Endless Fashion” by thanking her for the shout-out and claiming that it got her a million-dollar deal.

Some sources also claim that she underwent surgery to reduce her chin, but this has not been confirmed by Natalie herself.

Who are Natalie Nunn’s parents?

Natalie Nunn’s parents are Karen and Earl Nunn.

They are of mixed-race descent, including Puerto Rican, Brazilian, and African-American.

The parents raised Natalie and her brother Ronald in Pleasanton, California, where they worked hard to provide for their family.

They have supported Natalie’s career and have appeared on some of her shows, such as Bridezillas and Baddies.

They are also proud grandparents of Natalie’s daughter Journey.


Natalie Nunn husband is Jacob Payne, a former football player and entrepreneur, who has been married to her since 2012.

They have one daughter, Journey, who is their pride and joy.

Their marriage has faced some challenges, such as a cheating scandal and a miscarriage, but they have overcome them and are stronger than ever.

They are one of the most popular and controversial couples in the reality TV world, and they are not afraid to show their love and drama to the public.

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