Who is Jessica Pegula Husband? The Man Behind the Tennis Star

Jessica Pegula is one of the most successful American tennis players, currently ranked No.21 in the world.

She has won four WTA titles and reached the quarterfinals of the 2021 Australian Open.

But who is the man behind her impressive career? Here is everything you need to know about Jessica Pegula’s husband.

Jessica Pegula Husband

How They Met and Got Married

Jessica Pegula and Taylor Gahagen have been married since 2021, after six years of dating.

The couple met through Jessica’s parents, Terry and Kim Pegula, who own several sports teams and businesses, including the NFL’s Buffalo Bills and the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres.

Taylor worked for Pegula Sports and Entertainment, the sports and entertainment management company owned by the Pegulas, for almost a decade.

He was involved in various roles, such as director of brand strategy, media buying, and corporate development.

The duo got engaged in early 2019 and planned to tie the knot in October 2020, but had to postpone their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They finally exchanged their vows in a lavish ceremony at the Biltmore Estate, in Asheville, North Carolina, on October 22, 2021.

The wedding was attended by many of Jessica’s fellow tennis players, such as Jennifer Brady, Taylor Townsend, Samantha Crawford, and Asia Muhammad.

After the wedding, Jessica and Taylor jetted off to Costa Rica for their honeymoon, where they enjoyed the tropical scenery and wildlife.

What They Do and How They Support Each Other

Taylor Gahagen is a senior investment analyst at Private Single Family Office and a senior vice president at ADPRO Sports, Inc., a company that provides custom branded merchandise and apparel for sports teams and organizations.

He also has an MBA from Canisius College and a degree in business administration from SUNY Fredonia.

He is a sports enthusiast and a fan of the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres.

Jessica Pegula is not only a tennis pro, but also a businesswoman and a philanthropist.

She is the founder and CEO of Ready 24, a skincare company that offers products for active and busy lifestyles.

Jessica is also the co-founder of A Landing Paw, a non-profit organization that supports the rescue of dogs, training them to become service animals, and delivering them to people who need service or therapy dogs.

She is a dog lover and has four furry friends of her own: Maddie, Rio, Charley, and Emma.

Taylor and Jessica are partners in life and in business, as they both work on their ventures together.

Taylor is the vice president of Ready 24 and helps Jessica run A Landing Paw.

Why They Are the Perfect Match

Jessica Pegula and Taylor Gahagen are the perfect match because they share many things in common, such as their love for sports, dogs, and each other.

They are also supportive, respectful, and loyal to each other, and have a strong bond that can overcome any challenge.

The two are not afraid to show their affection and humor on social media, where they often post cute and funny pictures and videos of themselves and their dogs.

They are also humble and down-to-earth, despite their wealth and fame, and value their family and friends above all.

Jessica Pegula and Taylor Gahagen are one of the most adorable and inspiring couples in the sports world.

They have proven that love can conquer all, even in the midst of a pandemic and a competitive industry.

They are a true example of what it means to be a team, both on and off the court.



What is Jessica Pegula’s net worth?

Jessica Pegula is an American professional tennis player and heiress who has a net worth of $10 million.

As of this writing, Jessica has earned more than $12 million in tournament prizes and has reached a peak of No.3 in the world rankings.

Is Jessica Pegula adopted?

No, Jessica Pegula is not adopted.

She is the biological daughter of Terry and Kim Pegula, who are billionaires and owners of several sports teams and businesses.

However, her mother Kim was adopted from Seoul, South Korea, when she was five years old by an American family.

Who is Jessica Pegula’s mom?

Jessica Pegula’s mom is Kim Pegula, who is the CEO of Pegula Sports and Entertainment and the co-owner and president of the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres, along with her husband Terry.

She is also a member of the NFL business venture committee and the NFL’s Super Bowl committee.

Who is Jessica Pegula’s father?

Jessica Pegula’s father is Terry Pegula, who is an American businessman and the owner of Pegula Sports and Entertainment, which in turn owns the NHL team Buffalo Sabres and the NFL team Buffalo Bills.

He is also the founder of a natural gas company called East Resources, which he sold for billions of dollars.


Jessica Pegula and Taylor Gahagen are more than just a tennis star and a business executive.

They are a power couple who balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and support each other’s dreams and passions.

They are a role model for many aspiring athletes and entrepreneurs, showing that success is not only measured by trophies and money, but also by happiness and fulfillment.

Jessica Pegula and Taylor Gahagen are the epitome of a perfect match, and we can’t wait to see what they will achieve next.

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