Steve Harvey Wife: Who is Steve Harvey’s current wife?

Steve Harvey—the charismatic comedian, talk show host, and game show maestro—has graced our screens for decades.

But what about the woman who stands beside him, the one who shares his laughter, his triumphs, and perhaps even his occasional eyebrow-raising fashion choices?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Marjorie Elaine Harvey—the enigmatic force that fuels Steve’s success.

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Steve Harvey Wife

First Meeting and Brief Dating

Steve and Marjorie first crossed paths in 1990 at a comedy club. Although they briefly dated, the timing wasn’t right, and they went their separate ways.

Marjorie recalled their initial encounter, sharing that Steve got quiet and stared at her during their first meeting.

She thought she might become part of his comedy act! However, Steve later revealed that he knew she was “The One” even then.

Reconnecting and Marriage

Over a decade later, in 2005, Steve found himself single again after his second marriage ended. His bodyguard suggested reuniting with Marjorie.

This time, the stars aligned. Steve and Marjorie reconnected, and the timing was perfect. They tied the knot in 2007.

Their union brought together their blended families, which include a total of seven children.

Steve has described his relationship with Marjorie as unlike anything he had experienced before.

He credits her with changing the way he existed, emphasizing loyalty and respect.

Best Friends and Unwavering Support

Steve and Marjorie consider each other best friends. They share everything and have each other’s backs.

Marjorie has been faithful and loyal, supporting Steve through thick and thin. He once said, “That woman right there [has] been down with me like four flat tires.”

Their relationship has weathered life’s ups and downs, and they’ve celebrated sweet moments together, including becoming grandparents.

How many marriages has Steve Harvey had?

Steve Harvey, whose real name is Broderick Stephen Harvey, has been married three times.

Steve’s first marriage was to Marcia Harvey.

They were married, but their union eventually ended in divorce.

After his divorce from Marcia, Steve married Mary Lee Shackelford.

Unfortunately, this marriage also ended in divorce.

Steve found lasting love with Marjorie Bridges.

They tied the knot in 2007 and have been happily married ever since.

Does Steve Harvey have a biological child with his wife?

Steve Harvey, renowned host of ‘Family Feud’, has seven children, each carving their own paths:

  1. Brandi Harvey: Steve’s daughter from his previous marriage. Co-founder of Beyond Her, a women-centric health platform, and leads the Steve & Marjorie Foundation, focusing on youth services. She hosts a podcast and is an author.
  2. Karli Harvey Raymond: Brandi’s twin, actively involved in The Steve & Marjorie Foundation, and mentors youth alongside public speaking engagements. Married to Ben Raymond with a son named Ben “BJ” Raymond II.
  3. Broderick Harvey Jr.: Steve’s child from his earlier marriage, runs a fashion line, Need Money Not Friends, and owns B. Harvey Photography Inc. He curates the playlist HarvHouse and has appeared on his father’s talk show.
  4. Adopted Children: Steve’s wife, Marjorie, brought Morgan, Lori, and Jason into their blended family. Though they are not biologically related, Steve considers them his own.



From their chance encounter at a comedy club to their enduring love story, Steve and Marjorie Harvey have proven that true love knows no bounds.

Their journey from brief dating to a lifelong partnership is a testament to fate and timing.

As best friends and unwavering supporters, they’ve navigated life’s challenges together, cherishing every moment and celebrating their blended family of seven children.


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