Karen Gillan Husband: Who is Karen Gillan in a relationship with?

In the lush landscapes of Scotland, Karen Gillan and Nick Kocher exchanged vows in a ceremony as enchanting as their love story.

The private affair, held at the historic Castle Toward, was a blend of elegance and tradition.

Gillan, radiant in an Oscar de la Renta gown, and Kocher, dapper in a Scottish kilt, pledged their love surrounded by close friends and family.

Karen Gillan Husband
Karen Gillan Husband

The Meeting

Karen Gillan, the fiery-haired actress known for her roles in Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, and Nick Kocher, a talented writer and actor, first crossed paths in the entertainment industry.

Their shared passion for creativity and humor laid the foundation for something special.

Karen and Nick’s professional lives intertwined when they starred together in The Bubble, a Netflix project.

But it wasn’t just on-screen chemistry; their off-screen camaraderie blossomed as well. Nick’s wit and Karen’s infectious laughter became the soundtrack to their budding romance.

Nick Kocher is part of the dynamic comedy duo called BriTANick, alongside Brian Joseph McElhaney.

Their quirky humor and clever sketches caught the eye of audiences, and it was during their joint ventures that Nick and Karen’s connection deepened.

The Quiet Courtship

Away from the spotlight, Nick and Karen nurtured their relationship.

They shared boat rides, whispered secrets, and late-night conversations.

Fans suspected something was brewing when Karen posted a picture of an emerald and diamond ring alongside a silver band on Instagram in November 2022.

The rumor mill buzzed, but neither confirmed nor denied the wedding nuptials.


Finally, on May 14, 2022, Karen Gillan and Nick Kocher exchanged vows in a private ceremony at Castle Toward in Scotland.

Karen stunned in an elegant Oscar de la Renta gown, while Nick honored tradition in a traditional Scottish kilt and sporran.

Their close friends and family witnessed their love story unfold against the backdrop of rolling hills and bagpipe melodies.

Karen Gillan’s wedding photos captured the joy, laughter, and undeniable chemistry between the newlyweds.

As they sailed into their happily ever after, fans celebrated their union, knowing that this Hollywood romance was grounded in genuine affection and shared dreams.



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