Hannah Berner husband: What is their age gap ?

Get ready to dive into the life of Hannah Berner’s better half, the man who has captured the heart of the reality TV star and comedian.

This article sheds light on the latest developments in their love story.

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Hannah Berner husband

Who is Hannah Berner’s husband?

Desmond Bishop, an Irish-American comedian, spent his formative years in New York before relocating to Ireland at fourteen.

Initially, Bishop’s humor drew heavily from his keen observations of Irish society, enhanced by his adeptness at imitating the distinct regional accents of Ireland.

His website describes his comedic style as uniquely observational, often providing a critical yet humorous perspective on both his adopted homeland of Ireland and the United States, his country of origin.

In the year 2000, Bishop faced a diagnosis of testicular cancer. He has successfully recovered since then.

When did Hannah Berner and Des Bishop get engaged?

Certainly! Here’s a rewritten version of the announcement:

Hannah revealed her engagement to Des in March 2021, with the proposal taking place on Valentine’s Day.

Hannah expressed her excitement to PEOPLE, noting the whirlwind nature of their relationship and the certainty they felt about each other.

She reminisced about the early days when Des would charm her with humorous singing videos.

On Valentine’s Day, after a long pause since the last video, she received another singing video from Des, ending with a surprise announcement.

As she turned around, she found Des kneeling with a ring in hand.

Despite being in bed, not fully prepared for the moment, she humorously mentioned her Invisalign and morning breath.

Overcome with emotion, she recalls making odd crying sounds as he proposed.

When did Hannah Berner and Des Bishop get married?

Two years into their relationship, Hannah and Des exchanged vows in a picturesque beach ceremony in the Hamptons on May 13, 2022.

Hannah let the world in on her romantic life during the debut of Bravo’s Chat Room in September 2020, saying, “In an unexpected turn of events typical of the 2020 quarantine, I’ve caught myself a man, and now I’m in a relationship.”

She reminisced about the comedian she had seen perform at a comedy club five years prior, who had reached out to her with a direct message, prompting her to think, “That’s the humorous, attractive guy I remember.”

As time went on, the couple made the bold decision to cohabitate.

The spark between Hannah and Des was ignited by a serendipitous interaction on Instagram.

How is Hannah Berner and Des Bishop marriage?

Hannah Berner and Des Bishop’s marriage appears to be going strong.

Hannah has shared that marriage has brought a certain calmness to her life, despite a busy schedule with her stand-up comedy and podcasting career.

She appreciates having Des, who is also a comedian, as a supportive partner who understands the demands of the comedy world.

The couple enjoys a relationship filled with laughter and advises not to take life too seriously, which seems to keep their bond happy and strong.


In the world of comedy and podcasts, Hannah Berner and Des Bishop stand out not just for their humor, but also for their harmonious marriage.

Tying the knot has infused Hannah’s bustling life with tranquility, and having Des as her partner means having someone who truly gets the comedic hustle.

Together, they navigate life with a shared philosophy: laughter is key, and taking things too seriously is off the table. This approach seems to be the secret ingredient to their joyful union.

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