Eliza Fletcher Husband: Who Is Richard Fletcher III and What Happened to His Wife?

An infographics on Eliza Fletcher Husband
An infographics on Eliza Fletcher Husband

Eliza Fletcher, a teacher and mom of two, was kidnapped and murdered in Memphis in September 2022.

Her husband, Richie Fletcher, reported her missing and asked for her safe return.

But who is Richard Fletcher III and what happened to his wife?

This article reveals all about Eliza Fletcher husband and her shocking murder.

Who Is Richard Fletcher III?

Richard Fletcher III, a boat manager and Liza Fletcher’s husband.

He is from a prominent Memphis family, the son of Richard Fletcher Jr., a former president of the Memphis Area Home Builders Association, and the grandson of Richard Fletcher Sr., a well-known real estate developer and philanthropist.

Richard Fletcher III married Eliza Fletcher in 2014.

The wedding was featured in Memphis Magazine as a “Memorable Memphis Wedding”.

The couple had two sons, ages 6 and 3, and lived in a historic home in Midtown Memphis.

Richard Fletcher III worked as a manager at the Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid, a massive retail and entertainment complex that includes a hotel, a restaurant, an aquarium, and a bowling alley.

He was described by his co-workers as a “great guy” and a “hard worker” who loved his family.

What Happened to Eliza Fletcher?

Eliza Fletcher, a kindergarten teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School and a runner and triathlete, was kidnapped and killed in Memphis, Tennessee, in September 2022.

She belonged to a rich and powerful Memphis family, the granddaughter of Avron Fogelman, a former baseball team owner and a big donor to the University of Memphis.

She went for a run near the university on September 2, 2022, and never came back.

Her husband, Richard Fletcher III, a boat center manager and a member of a prominent Memphis family, reported her missing and said he found some of her things on Central Avenue, where a witness saw a man force her into a dark SUV.

The police searched for Eliza Fletcher and the SUV, a GMC Terrain, and offered a $50,000 reward.

They asked the public to look for her clothes, Apple Watch, or earbuds.

The next day, the police found the SUV and arrested a man, Cleotha Abston, a 32-year-old with a criminal record.

He was charged with kidnapping and murder, but denied knowing Eliza Fletcher.

Two days later, the police found Eliza Fletcher’s body at the back of an empty apartment on Victor Street, far from where she was taken.

She had serious injuries and was killed.

The police said it was a random attack by a stranger and there was no link between Eliza Fletcher and Abston.

How Did Richard Fletcher III React to His Wife’s Death?

Richard Fletcher III and his family were devastated by the news of Eliza Fletcher’s death.

They thanked the community for their support and asked for privacy in a statement from the DA’s office.

They also thanked the law enforcement agencies for their efforts to find Eliza Fletcher and bring her killer to justice.

Richard Fletcher III also spoke at a memorial service for his wife at the Second Presbyterian Church on September 8, 2022.

He described Eliza Fletcher as a “beautiful, loving, and caring” wife and mother who was “full of life” and “always smiling.

Richard Fletcher III said that he and his sons were “heartbroken” and “miss her terribly”.

He also said that he was “proud” of Eliza Fletcher and that he hoped that her legacy would inspire others to “live life to the fullest” and “love one another”.



Eliza Fletcher’s husband, Richard Fletcher III, was the one who reported her missing and appealed for her safe return.

He was from a prominent Memphis family and married Eliza Fletcher in 2014.

Richard Fletcher III worked at the Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid and loved his family.

He was devastated by the news of his wife’s death and spoke at her memorial service.

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