Anjelah Johnson Husband: How much is Anjelah Johnson’s husband worth?

Dive into the life of Anjelah Johnson, a comedic powerhouse, and discover the man who stands by her side.

This article sheds light on her husband, a figure often mentioned but rarely explored in depth.

Anjelah Johnson Husband
Anjelah Johnson Husband

Who is Aaliyah Johnson’s husband?

Manwell Reyes is known as the husband of comedian and actress Anjelah Johnson.

He is an American musician, actor, songwriter, and the former lead singer of the Christian hip-hop group, Group 1 Crew.

Manwell Reyes was born Jose Manwell Reyes and has a diverse background with his parents being immigrants.

He spent much of his early life in Florida, USA, after moving from Germany where he was born.

How did Aaliyah Johnson and Manwell Reyes meet?

Although they haven’t widely publicized the specific details of their first meeting, Anjelah Johnson and Manwell Reyes have shared snippets of their relationship journey through social media and interviews.

For instance, Anjelah Johnson once humorously posted about the day they became boyfriend and girlfriend, mentioning how she pretended to like wearing heels and he pretended he liked Mexican food.

Their relationship has been filled with shared humor and love, leading to their marriage on June 11, 2011, in Half Moon Bay, California.

They’ve been open about their life decisions, including their initial choice not to have children, although they later announced they were expecting their first child toward the end of 2022.


Anjelah Johnson, also known as Aaliyah Johnson, and Manwell Reyes celebrated their wedding on June 11, 2011, in a beautiful ceremony in Half Moon Bay, California.

The couple’s wedding was a significant event, marking the union of two individuals with successful careers in entertainment and music.

Anjelah Johnson is known for her work as a comedian and actress, while Manwell Reyes is recognized for his role as a musician and former lead singer of Group 1 Crew.

Their wedding was a reflection of their personalities and shared values.

Does Aaliyah Johnson and Manwell Reyes have any children?

Yes, Anjelah Johnson, also known as Aaliyah Johnson, and her husband Manwell Reyes welcomed their first child, a daughter named Rosalie Harlow Reyes, in June 2023.

The couple shared their joy and experiences as new parents on social media, expressing their happiness and the new journey they have embarked on together.



Delve into the world of comedic sensation Anjelah Johnson, and you’ll inevitably stumble upon the enigmatic figure who stands beside her: her husband, Manwell Reyes.

A musician, actor, and former lead singer of Group 1 Crew, Reyes brings depth and diversity to their dynamic partnership.

While the specifics of their first encounter remain a mystery, snippets of their journey together reveal a bond forged through shared humor and love.

Their wedding, celebrated in picturesque Half Moon Bay, California, marked the union of two individuals with thriving careers in entertainment and music.

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