Amouranth Husband: Who Is Nick Lee and Why Did She Leave Twitch?

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Who is Amouranth’s husband and why did she leave Twitch? Find out the shocking truth about her abusive marriage, her new streaming platform, and her controversies.PHOTO COURTESY/Instagram


Amouranth `s husband’s whereabouts

she is a Twitch streamer and OnlyFans star who made headlines for revealing her abusive marriage and leaving the platform.

In this article, we will explore who is Amouranth’s husband, why did she leave Twitch, and what is her current situation.

Who Is Amouranth’s Husband?

Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, is married to Nick Lee, a former bodybuilder and cosplay model.

According to public records, they tied the knot in Texas in December 2015 but kept their relationship a secret from the public.

Amouranth claimed that her husband did not want people to know they were married because of how it might affect her brand and business model.

However, on October 16, 2022, Amouranth shocked her fans by exposing her husband’s abusive behavior during a live stream.

She showed text messages where he threatened to kill her dogs, drain her bank accounts, and delete her social media accounts if she did not do a 24-hour stream.

She also had a phone call with him where he verbally abused and insulted her, leaving her in tears.

Amouranth said that her husband controlled her finances and forced her to do OnlyFans and other adult content

She also said that he was the reason why she kept doing hot tub and ASMR streams on Twitch,

Why Did Amouranth Leave Twitch?

Amouranth announced that she was leaving Twitch for Kick, a new platform that offers a 95-5 revenue split for creators, compared to Twitch

She said that Twitch’s business model was not sustainable and that she wanted to diversify her income sources.

Amouranth also said that she was leaving Twitch because she wanted to get away from her husband

She said that she was seeking legal and emotional counsel and that her husband was getting help.

She also said that she regained access to her social media and financial accounts that had been blocked by her husband.

What Is Amouranth’s Current Situation?

Amouranth is currently streaming on Kick, where she has over 1.2 million followers.

She is also active on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans, where she continues to create content for her fans.

Amouranth has  been involved in controversies, such as feuding with former porn star Adriana Chechik

Amouranth responded by challenging Chechik to a boxing match.

She revealed that a beer company contacted her to use her vaginal bacteria as an ingredient

Amouranth has not revealed any details about her divorce process or her relationship status.

She has also not commented on whether she plans to return to Twitch in the future.


Amouranth is a Twitch streamer star who has been through a lot of challenges in her personal l life.

She revealed her abusive marriage to Nick Lee and left Twitch for Kick, a new streaming platform.

She is now trying to rebuild her career and happiness, while also facing some controversies and opportunities.

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